The Band

Owen Owen Woods, Melodeon. Owen has been playing ceilidhs for over ten years with a bewildering variety of bands. He is gaining increasing recognition as a talented solo artist, but still regards himself as a dance musician first and foremost. This project is the culmination of all of his experience and distils his own perception of what a ceilidh band should be.
Tony Tony Woods, Saxes. Jazz musician Tony Woods is no stranger to folk music, learning it from his father (Owen’s grandfather) at a very young age. Since then his musical career has gone from strength to strength, winning awards for improvisation and taking his various jazz groups all over the country. Tony has been playing ceilidhs for even longer than Owen, but decided to work together with his nephew after a few scratch ceilidhs together resulted in an amazing sound.
Yarden Mae McAllister. Mae is our caller, who tells the dancers what to do. Experienced ceilidh musician in her own right on whistle, she is in increasing demand as a caller in the Cambridge area.

The Jazz Ceilidh Project includes those musicians above, with the addition of a drummer and a tuba player drawn from our small pool of associate musicians.